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Pakenham South Victoria
Australia 3810

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Electric Floor Care Appliances
Electric Special Purpose Appliances
Electric All Purpose Cooking Appliances
Electric Home Comfort Appliances
Saucepans, Frying Pans (Non-electric)
Kitchen Beating and Stirring Utensels
Kitchen Slicing and Cutting Utensels
Kitchen Baking and Canning Utensels
Household Scissors and Shears
Food Storage Containers and Wraps
Beverage Servers and Sets
Tableware and Table Servers
Household Convenience Items
Floor Mats, Pads and Runners
Scales and Balances
Thermometers and Weather Instr
Clocks, Watches and Timers
Baby Furniture and Aids
Cleaners, Sealers, Waxes and Polishes
Household Brushes, Cloths and Pads
Brooms, Mops and Carpet Sweepers
Laundry Aids
Dish Pans, Basins and Tubs
Waste and Garbage Containers
Gas Hotplates
Office Equipment
Builders Hardware
Set Screws, Machine Keys
Chain, Wire and Rope
Hand & Power Tools
Tool Sets and Kits
Hammers and Mallets
Axes and Hatchets
Logging Tools and Wedges
Nail Pullers, Bars and Chisels
Planes, Files, Rasps and Knive
Hand Saws
Pliers, Cutters and Nippers
Wrenches and Spanners
Screwdrivers and Hand Drills
Routers, Grinders, Sanders, Buffers
Grinding, Wire and Buffing Wheels
Power Saws and Power Saw Blades
Power Drills and Power Screwdrivers
Gear Pullers and Bearing Press
Power Hammers and Wrenches
Electric Motor and Power Transformers
Soldering & Burning Supplies
Welding Supplies and Equipment
Pipe Bending and Cutting Hardware
Bolt Threading Hardware
Vices, Clamps and Anvils
Mason s and Plasterer s Tools
Levels, Lines and Surveying Instruments
Measuring and Marking Tools
Craftsman Aids
Industrial Fixtures
Safety Warning Equipment
Specialty Craftsman Tools
Light Globes & Tubes (All)
Reflectors and Fittings
Electrical Wire, Conduit & Fittings
Safety Switchboxes and Fuses
Wire Connectors & Electrician
Electrical Outlets and Switches
Portable Electric Cord, Connect
Electric Lanterns and Dry Cell
Specialty Electrical Items
Specialty Electrician Tools
Christmas Decorations
Plumbing & Heating
Hose, Hose Accessories and Tubing
Hose and Hose Fittings - Industrial
Bathroom Hardware
Plumbing Taps, Valves and Cocks
Water Meters and Water Service
Plumbing and Pipe Fittings
Pipe; Tubing; and Hangers
Plumbing Appliances
Tanks / Grease Traps / accessories
Plumbing Compounds, Cement
Drain Cleaners
Heaters, Furnaces and Boilers
Gauges and Parts
Gaskets, Stem Packings and Washers
Fire Extinguishers (All)
Fluid Pumps and Water Systems
Paint & Paint Accessories
Paints - Interior and Exterior
Varnishes, Shellacs & Preservtn
Decorative and Aerosol Paints
Thinners, Removers and Cleaners
Tape, Protectors and Strapping
Paint Brushes, Rollers and Sprays
Putty Knives and Scrapers
Coated Abrasives and Steel Wool
Patching Compounds and Adhesives
Glass and Plastic Glazing Equipment
Sports & Outdoors
Foot Wear
First Aid Supplies
Automotive Exterior Decoration
Automotive Exterior Attachment
Automotive Lamps and Bulbs
Automotive Lights & Accessories
Wet Cell Batteries, Car Battery
Automotive Starters
Auto Ignition Repair Parts
Automotive Additives
Auto Exhaust System Parts
Automotive Power Train Accessories
Automotive Suspension Parts
Automotive Tyres
Automotive Chain Products
Automotive Engine Parts
Automotive Testing Equipment
Automotive Service Aids
Air Compressors
Garden & Lawns
Pruning and Trimming Tools
Grass and Weed Tools
Lawn Mowers
Special Purpose Lawn & Garden
Picks and Mattocks
Shovels, Spades, Scoops, Diggers
Hoes, Cultivators and Planters
Replacement Handles
Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks, Dolli
Lawn Rollers and Spreaders
Seeds, Bulbs and Peat Pots
Fertilizer and Soils Conditners
Hose, Hose Accessories and Tubing
Hose and Hose Fittings - Industrial
Fencing and Gates
Flower Bed Accessories
Thermometers and Weather Instr
Detergents / Teatspray Milking
Milking Regular Use Parts
Pet Supplies
Farm Animal Supplies
Ear Tag Animals
Protective Equipment
Gloves (Not Sporting)
Safety Warning Equipment
Fencing and Gates
Horse feed
Bird feed
Dog Food
Cat Food
Milk Powder
Other Feed
Medicenes Supplements Vaccinators
Animal Husbandry Supplies
Supplements Feed, Block Lick
Grocery Items
Lunch Room Supplies
Bath Room Supplies
Our Range

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